Web Hosting,

Maintenance & Security 

For a safe, reliable and successful website, you need to focus on security, hosting & maintenance. Your website includes a free SSL, firewalls, malware scanners and encryption to deter hackers, preventing access to your website and database. Then we host your site on a super-fast speed, stable server in Australia delivering unlimited bandwidth, huge CPU reserves and unprecedented high performance via NVMe storage. Add in regular website maintenance to ensure that your plugins are up to date, problems are fixed quickly and weekly backups and you are good to go!

For help with your website’s security, hosting & maintenance, call us today!


WordPress web hosting, maintenance & secuity


Website Hosting

Our Australian based hosting servers boost your website’s loading speeds so it opens super-fast in all browsers. Fast loading websites are not only rated highly with search engines, but shoppers love them! Our high performance ultra-fast speed servers provide a superior level of resources, massive CPU and huge storage options. This makes sure that as your business starts to grow, your website continues to load quickly and has the space it needs to expand.


Web Maintenance

Regularly maintaining and updating your website is essential for ensuring that it’s always running at peak efficiency. We make sure that all your plugins are updated, check for errors and broken links, install new tools and plugins as necessary, update WordPress and install software patches, identify and fix security holes, and backup your website. With our maintenance package, you can focus on your business and leave the problems to us!



Website security is crucial for preventing cyber hackers accessing your website, downloading data and stealing customer information. SydneyWebs ensures that the security of your site is unprecedented by scanning for potential vulnerabilities such as malware, backdoor and redirect hacks, Trojan software and many other online threats. WordPress hardening against cyber criminals is also important, so we closely monitor your website to keep it safe and secure.

E-commerce stores owners should also invest in:

1. Professional Indemnity Insurance. 2. Cyber Liability Insurance. 3. Extended Validation Greenbar SSL Certificate.


3GB HOSTING & MAINTENANCE PLAN (Default plan in Web Design Package)

Providing hosting, maintenance and security service.


Hosting only, everyone can find your site now!


Hosting only, your site in the server with greater CPU power and storage.


Hosting only, now you can improve the functionality of your website without worrying its space.

50GB HOSTING PLAN (Default for the eCommerce website)

Hosting with the greatest CPU power and storage, it is the best choice for the eCommerce website.

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE & SECURITY (Only for our hosting clients)

We maintenance your website, update plugins and backup your site regularly.


Each web design package should come with a Web Hosting, Maintenance & Security Plan. 3GB is our basic default plan. All plans are billed monthly by direct debit using PayAdvantage.  E-commerce websites require 50GB Plan which comes with more resources and power for functionality and speed. Plan upgrades are available should your site require more disk space. Prices shown include GST.
We highly reconmmand the Maintenance Package for you website to keep it safe, stable and reliable. This package is essential for the ECOMMERCE websites.
  1. Update: keep your site user-friendly, optimised, fast and relevant.
  2. Security: keeps your site and customers safe from hackers.
  3. Backup: get your site live again if disaster strikes.