Do you want to increase your website’s visibility on Google search pages? Maybe improve your site’s Google ranking and attract more traffic, customers and sales? Then search engine optimisation (SEO) is your best option, because shoppers trust organic listings much more than paid ads. Our digital marketing SEO packages include the most relevant keywords for your business, as well as backlinks and blogs to help your website reach page one of Google.

If you want your new website to be a success, it needs to be optimised for both shoppers and search engines. To boost your sales and revenue – Call 02 6100 3700 today!


Beat the competition with SEO!



Success in SEO means the website having Search Engine Optimisation applied to it is ranking well in Google for the keywords being targeted in the campaign. This means at a minimum, most keywords are on page 1 of Google. Many keywords will hopefully also be within the top 3 positions. Typically this will also mean an increase in organic (free), search driven traffic to the website.



Relevant & High Value Keywords

To attract consumers to your website you need to know the exact keywords they use to find your business. Relevant and high value keywords are priceless and rank very well in search engines, increasing your site’s Google rankings rapidly. We test your existing keywords to make sure they are worthwhile targeting and find others that will increase your site’s visibility to both consumers and search engines.



Google loves new content

Search engines love new content, because it tells them that your website is up to date, relevant and well maintained. All of these factors help to increase Google ranking, which makes creating new content by regularly writing blogs a very wise strategy. We check your existing blogs, making sure they are optimised for search engines and also provide you with new blogs that are also fully optimised.



Optimising your website

Our digital marketing SEO packages include on-page optimisation. This means that we make it easy for Google to index your site. Once they know what you are selling, search engines match your keywords with each shopper who is looking for your products or services. We make sure that your keywords are in all the right places so that search engines can find them easily and help rank your website on page one!



Bossting Google Ranking With Backlinks

Search engines love high quality backlinks as these provide an endorsement of your website. Backlinks are an essential part of optimising your website and are a proven strategy for increasing Google ranking. We make sure that all backlinks are naturally placed into blogs on external third party sites and link directly back to your website. The more backlinks that originate from quality sites, the better your site’s authority and ranking.


Welcome To The Home Of Specialised SEO!

If increasing your website’s visibility on search engines like Google is a priority to you, you need the best team on your side to get the job done! At SydneyWebs, we strive to raise your websites’ awareness through tailored search engine optimisation strategies and services that work! Coupled with the development and management of your website, our team will develop the best plan to improve your online ranking through organic listings.

Why Is SEO Important?

With over 5.4 million searches globally each day, it is in the best interest of every business to secure their spot online playing field. As we speak, people are searching online for products and services that you could offer them. If you’re not on page 1 of search results on Google, you can kiss potential business goodbye. It’s time you improve your website ranking through quality content that is constantly improved and refreshed to get the best possible ranking.

Our team of SEO experts use a variety of skills and techniques to come up with a well-planned and managed SEO strategy through a two-pronged approach:

On-Site SEO: Optimising Your Website

Our maestros work tirelessly on the backend of your website to make it easy for Google and other search engines to index your site. They’ll optimise everything from your title tags, Meta tags, alt attributes, and a number of other website attributes – this is to help search engines match keywords and what shoppers are looking for from you.

Content Generation: Content Remains King

Content, to be impactful, needs to be unique, relevant and compelling. Regularly adding quality content related to the pain-points of your customers and your offerings will retain or improve your Google ranking. Our team will perform thorough keyword research to ensure your existing blog and web content is optimised for search engines and provide you with new, fully optimised content.


Each SEO package includes the following
  • Unique blog article writing and quality stock photography.
  • We add the new articles and images to your website for you.
  • 30 external backlinks built each month.
  • New blog article URL submitted to Google.
  • On-going SEO fix-ups & optimisation.
  • Keyword recommendations.
  • Metadata re-writing.
  • Browser page title optimisation.
  • External link building from sites with various DA.
  • Internal link building.
  • Directory listings.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • Social media shares.
  • Guest blog posting.
  • Google Analytics reports.
  • Work carried out in compliance with Google guidelines.



To achieve first page rankings in search engines, you need more than just the right keywords. For SEO to be successful, many different factors must align perfectly. These include the right website structure, unique content and how the URLs are setup. To fully understand exactly what’s required to enable your website to rank highly in search engines, experience and industry knowledge is essential. Our Geelong SEO team has a vast amount of experience ranking thousands of websites – and it’s all included in our SEO Packages.


At WDC, we don’t guarantee SEO results and we don’t believe any SEO company should do so. That’s because no-one fully understands Google’s search engine algorithm, so we can’t reasonably guarantee page one rankings, but our Canberra SEO team does its absolute best!

It’s important to understand that your website’s rankings can be affected at any time by Google’s algorithm updates. This means that our objective during months 3 to 6 of your campaign is for most of your chosen keywords to rank on the first page of Google, with most of those keywords listed in the top three positions.

To get the very best out of all of your online digital marketing activities, including Pixelfire’s SEO packages and AdWords packages, your website’s SEO strategies should be implemented for the life of your business. That’s because short term efforts don’t tend to yield the desired results. This wastes your time and costs your business money. So consistency is the operative word where SEO and online marketing is concerned.


The earliest you can expect to see results is usually 3 to 6 months after signing up for one of our SEO packages, but often it’s much sooner. This time frame is important, because initially we need to identify the best keywords for your website and then follow though by optimising your website, all of which takes time.

Once everything is in place and our Canberra SEO team has finished optimising your website, you will start to see increases in your rankings. This is the only way you can initially judge whether or not the SEO is working, by seeing your web pages increase in rankings for your targeted keywords.


SEO Packages are billed monthly by direct debit using PayAdvantage. Minimum recommended term 6 months. Prices shown include GST. No lock in contracts but we do require 30 days notice required to terminate any plan.

Disclaimer: While we implement all tasks listed on this page, a page one listing does not guarantee you will receive more enquiries or sales. It simply means we get your website onto page one for the keyword phrases you are targeting. Your website’s Google rank for search terms can be affected at any time by Google’s algorithm updates. Likewise, a Google AdWords campaign can only direct visitors to your site. We cannot force a visitor to buy something from you. Visitors to your website may become paying customers if the website is designed in such a way to funnel them to take a certain action such as complete a form or buy a product. ‘Web design optimisation’ must be implemented first to maximise any SEO work. We recommend SEO and paid advertising should be implemented for the life of your business. Short term efforts tend not to yield the desired results. Be wary of companies that promise they can get you onto page one of Google – it’s a promise that is impossible to make.