Most business owners engage a local website design firm to help them build their business website. It’s important to remember that creating a website is a collaborative effort between the web designer and the business owner.

A good website design should be able to obtain the essential information pertaining to the pages required and functionality required for your site after discussing the project with you.

It is important that business owners give website designers everything they need to know. Adding something to the design or changing the brief half way through the process of building a website will most likely incur additional costs. So how can you ensure that you, the business owner will get the most from your website designer?

1 Site structure

Sit down with your web design and work out the pages required for your website. Some pages will have their own menu items pointing directly to them. Typical pages include Home, About & Contact. Some pages that don’t have menu items are usually pages saved to a news category.

In any case you need to work out with your web designer the website site structure so content can be structured accordingly. This is sometimes referred to as a site map.

2 Page content

It is imperative that your website has well written content that is optimised for the services you provide. Employing a good copywriter will save you money and time. The copywriter will need a list of the pages you require and some background information on your business to write informative factual content for your site.

3 Websites you like

Give your website designer a list of websites that you like. These may be competitor websites or they may just be sites that you like. In any case let the designer know why you like these sites. Is it the layout, the functionality, the colours etc. It really helps to have this knowledge when creating a new website for your business.

4 Website purpose and call to action

What is the purpose of your website? A website is a platform to delivery sell your services to potential customers. Including a blog also allows you to engage with

your customers online answering and questions they may have about issues relating to your business or services.

The other most important aspect of your website design is the call to action. When people visit your site what do you want them to do? Call you, buy something, ring you? Either way, the design of your website need to be created in such a way that it includes a call to action and has visitors carrying out an action. Make clear to people on what they need to do next.

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